Genealogy Social Networking Day 6 - Blogs

Blogs can serve many purposes. Some blogs have tutorials for genealogy research, updates on the latest news and products in the industry, or family stories. That last item is what can truly connect genealogists on a personal level. That is also 'cousin bait'.

In my blog I focus mostly on telling my own family history. I include as many names and dates as I can so that when people do a search for a name, place, or date I might show up. Then people doing genealogy research on the same family can connect with me and we can share information and resources.

It is from my blog that I pin things to pinterest, post things on facebook, connect to other blogs (like No Story Too Small for the 52 Ancestors project), and use other forms of social networking. This is my 'home base' on the web for my genealogy.

One of the first things I did after starting my blog was get it listed on GeneaBloggers. It's a great site that keeps a running list of genealogy blogs. You can search the list for various topics or locations. Most are personal family tree blogs like mine. Also on the site are blogging helps, topic suggestions, and other genealogy news. I have found many great blogs to follow from this site.

How do you use blogging to connect with others?