Genealogy Social Networking Day 26 - BillionGraves

BillionGraves is a website for photographing and transcribing headstones. You use an app on a smart phone to take a photo, which is geo-tagged with the GPS location of the headstone.  It's such a cool thing, especially when your ancestor is buried in a very large cemetery. Anyone who downloads the app, and signs up for the free site, can photograph a cemetery. Volunteers can also transcribe photographs, which is great for people without smart phones.

When transcribing, you can input the information on the headstone. After the record is created, other information can be added. Family members can linked together, obituary and personal history added, even other supporting records can be uploaded (like a printed obituary or death record).

There is a community page where you can ask questions and talk with others on the site. They have a leaderboard for top contributors, both photographing and transcribing each month. I made it onto the board one month when I photographed several local cemeteries. I know it doesn't really mean much, but it's fun to see your name on there.