Genealogy Social Networking Day 22 - WikiTree

WikiTree is a free family tree website. They are creating one giant world family tree, wiki-style. They have different types of memberships (all free). A Guest Member can participate in the Genealogist-to-Genealogist (G2G) Forum, upload a GEDCOM, and can comment on profiles on the WikiTree. A Family Member can do everything a Guest can do, but they are added in as a family member by one of the 'Genealogists'. Once added in they can make changes to some of the profiles and add some information to them. Finally Genealogists are full participating members of the site and sign an honor code to help fulfill the mission of the site, and do genealogy work on the tree.

Each person on the family tree gets their own profile page. On that page you can enter information, cite your sources, add family members, stories, and photos. You can collaborate on the work with other researchers. The G2G boards allow you to ask questions and get research help. You can tag your posts, follow tags so you get notifications if others use the same tags (e.g. a surname), and answer questions. If you find a genealogist you trust with your information (i.e. they are your cousin or something) you can invite them to see the full profile of living people. Living and recently deceased people have more privacy built in on the site, and the further back in time you go with the tree the fewer privacy restrictions.

Are you a volunteer genealogist on WikiTree?