Genealogy Social Networking Day 21 - YouTube

YouTube is not typically a place you think of going for genealogy. Don't let the cute cat videos fool you, there is a lot of great information to be had on YouTube. Just searching the word 'genealogy' brings up over 120,000 results.

There are organizations that use YouTube to post videos, including archives, libraries, societies, family tree companies, and many more. You can find videos from popular shows like Finding Your Roots and Genealogy Roadshow,, Genealogy Gems, and Family Tree Magazine among many others. Just about any topic you want to learn about has a video full of information.

Each video (with few exceptions) allows you to share it and comment on it. You can link to it from just about anywhere on the web and in social media. For smaller YouTube channels, the owners/posters may even respond to questions in the comments and interact with their audience. Or you can interact with the other commenters yourself.

Go check out a video and learn something new!