Genealogy Social Networking Day 13 - WeRelate is a wiki family tree. It is sponsored by the Foundation for On-Line Genealogy, Inc., in partnership with the Allen County Public Library. You can create profiles of your ancestors, include photos and documents for your research, cite sources, and add in a family tree. If your ancestor is already on there, you can add information to them. Others can also see what you've done, and make changes or add information.

It's a great free service that is trying to create a single unified family tree. So far it has pages for over 2.6 million people. Each person gets their own page, with information and stories. You can write a biography for example.

They also have weekly contests to find information on people and attach sources to the page. You can also volunteer to help. They have lots of ways to help maintain the website, or you can help others break through brick walls on their ancestor.

Are your ancestors on WeRelate?