52 Ancestors Week 38 - Maria Josepha Pairoux

This weeks theme over at No Story Too Small is "Favorite Places". While it was intimidating at first, one of my favorite places to research is now Belgium. I have gotten the hang of navigating the records in online collections (and there are many). I can even read some basic words and info in Dutch and French now.
One of my Belgian ancestors is Maria Josepha Pairoux. Maria was born in Testelt, Brabant, Belgium on April 5, 1829 to Nicolas Joseph Pairoux and Maria Christina Peeters, the second of 7 children. She gave birth to her first child in 1853 in Zichem, Belgium (a nearby town). No father is listed on the birth certificate.
In Dec 1855 she married Josephus Heiremans in Zichem. Together they had 4 other children, while living in Langdorp, Belgium.

Nicolas Josephus Pairoux 1801–?
Maria Christina Peeters 1799–?

Petrus Josephus Pairoux 1828–1907
Joannes Baptista Pairoux 1831–?
Francisca Pairoux 1834–?
Ignatius Pairoux 1836–?
Joannes Franciscus Pairoux 1838–?
Lambertus Pairoux 1839–?

Josephus Heiremans 1827–?

Nicolaus Josephus Pairoux 1853–?
Maria Francisca Heiremans 1858–1934
Wirina Heiremans 1860–?
Maria Cheresia Heiremans 1864–?
Francois Heiremans 1870– ?

52 Ancestors Week 37 - John Ellison

John Ellison Jr. was born August 17, 1830, in Grantham, Lincolnshire, England. He was the son of John Ellison and Anna Marston. He had 13 brothers and sisters.
He married Sarah Hemmingway on July 18, 1851, in Nottingham, England. They had 7 children in 13 years. He followed the life of a sailor.

In a autobiography sketch of William Ellison, his son, he states the following about John Ellison Jr.:

"My father was not a member of the Mormon Church and did not believe in the principles of the Gospel as taught by the Latter Day Saints and this caused some trouble in the home as my father would not let the Elders visit at their home. My father went to work at Grimsby to run boats and haul goods up and down the canal. On 2 September 1868 my father was killed at Grimsby. In trying to pass through the locks when the tide was coming in, he was unable to uncouple the two boats which were running side by side so as to let them run through single but the force of the tide drove the boats into the locks and my father stumbled and fell out of the boat between the boats and the buttments of the locks and his head was crushed and he sank into the canal. His body was not found until the third day. The body was taken to Nottingham for burial and the services were held at the home September 1868."

John Ellison 1802–1867
Ann Marston 1803–1875

Half Sibling: Thomas Marston Ellison 1819–?

Mary Ann Ellison 1823–1884
William Ellison 1825–1897
Eliza Ellison 1826–?
Amelia Ellison 1828–1883
Solomon Ellison 1832–?
Richard Ellison 1834–1903
Alfred Ellison 1836–?
Elizabeth Ellison 1838–1839
Henry Ellison 1840–1919
Emma Ellison 1843–1898
Sarah Ellison 1845–?
Ann Ellison 1848–?

Sarah Hemmingway  1827–1914

Henry Ellison 1852–1912
Alfred Ellison 1854–1870
Arthur Ellison 1856–?
Elizabeth Ann Ellison 1858–1933
Mary (Polly) Ellison 1861–1940
William Ellison 1863–1921

52 Ancestors Week 36 - Fritz Schmidt

Fritz (or Fredrick) Schmidt was born 2 Mar 1839 in Fehmarn, Germany. We believe his father's name was John.
In the early 1860's he married Margaretha Treimer (sometimes spelled Trinar, or Trimar in records). They had 9 children.
In October 1881 they left Hamburg on the ship Australia going to New York. Except for the two oldest children, who joined the family a year later. They settled on a farm in Illinois.
On May 15, 1919, Fritz died in Campbelhill, Illinois.

Margaretha Treimer 1838–1910

Margareta Schmidt 1862–1916
Christina Amelia Schmidt  1863–1922
Magda (Martha) Sophia Elizabeth Schmidt 1865–1949
Henrietta Deserie Schmidt  1867–1959
Fritz Emil Schmidt 1868–1939
Mary Gertrude Schmidt  1869–1952
Adolph Carl Schmidt  1870–1959
Henry Schmidt  1874–1874
Agnes Henrietta Schmidt 1875–1944

52 Ancestors Week 35 - Catherina Casteleyn

When Joanna Catherina Casteleyn was born on February 27, 1817, in Sint-Maria-Lierde, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium to Josephus Casteleyn and Carolina Boembeke. She had three brothers and five sisters.

She married Pieter Francies DeValkeneer on July 5, 1848, in her hometown. They had four children during their marriage.

Josephus Casteleyn 1777–?
Carolina Boembeke 1783–1825

Franciscus Casteleyn 1805–?
Felix Albert Casteleyn 1806–?
Felicitas Casteleyn 1808–?
Jean Baptist Casteleyn 1810–?
Felicite Casteleyn 1813–?
Amelia Casteleyn 1815–?
Anna Theresia Casteleyn 1822–?
Melovia Casteleyn 1825–?

Pieter Francies DeValkeneer 1815–?

Anna Theresia DeValkeneer 1849–1869
Vitalis DeValkeneer 1851–?
Renilde DeValkeneer 1853–?
Cyrille DeValkeneer 1856–1941

52 Ancestors Week 34 - William Boweter

William Boweter is the oldest of 4 children born to Fanny Boweter and Benjamin Rowley. He was born May 10, 1841 in Oldbury, Shropshire (now Worcestershire) England. His family soon moved to Bliston, Staffordshire, where he met and married Emma Beddoes. They were married January 15, 1865 at the Independent Chapel on Oxford Street in Bliston, Staffordshire. She had 2 young sons Job and John.

Together William and Emma had 4 children. He was a miner and they moved between Stafforshire and Yorkshire to work in the coal mines. While in Yorkshire, one of Emma's brothers converted to the Mormon religion, and soon after so did William and Emma.

They decided to immigrate to Utah. He traveled ahead of his family on October 21,1882 on the ship Abyssinia and arrived in New York November 3, 1882. The rest of the family soon followed.

William Boweter survived a mining explosion on 1 May 1900 in the Scofield #4 mine in Scofield, Carbon County, Utah. After William got out of the mine, he recovered from some rather painful burns from the explosion.

Eventually the he and Emma moved to Springville, Utah. He died in Springville on June 4, 1911 of pneumonia.

Benjamin Rowley 1815–1848
Fanny Boweter 1819–1887

Benjamin Rowley (Boweter) 1843–?
Sarah Ann Bowater 1846–1883
George Rowley (Boweter) 1849–?

Emma Beddoes 1835–1915

Job Beddoes 1857–1923 (adopted)
John Edward Beddoes 1860–1958 (adopted)
John Boweter 1861–?
Fanny Boweter 1866–1951
Emma Boweter 1868–1948
Sarah Jane Boweter 1874–1954
William Benjamin Boweter 1876–1942