52 Ancestors Week 37 - John Ellison

John Ellison Jr. was born August 17, 1830, in Grantham, Lincolnshire, England. He was the son of John Ellison and Anna Marston. He had 13 brothers and sisters.
He married Sarah Hemmingway on July 18, 1851, in Nottingham, England. They had 7 children in 13 years. He followed the life of a sailor.

In a autobiography sketch of William Ellison, his son, he states the following about John Ellison Jr.:

"My father was not a member of the Mormon Church and did not believe in the principles of the Gospel as taught by the Latter Day Saints and this caused some trouble in the home as my father would not let the Elders visit at their home. My father went to work at Grimsby to run boats and haul goods up and down the canal. On 2 September 1868 my father was killed at Grimsby. In trying to pass through the locks when the tide was coming in, he was unable to uncouple the two boats which were running side by side so as to let them run through single but the force of the tide drove the boats into the locks and my father stumbled and fell out of the boat between the boats and the buttments of the locks and his head was crushed and he sank into the canal. His body was not found until the third day. The body was taken to Nottingham for burial and the services were held at the home September 1868."

John Ellison 1802–1867
Ann Marston 1803–1875

Half Sibling: Thomas Marston Ellison 1819–?

Mary Ann Ellison 1823–1884
William Ellison 1825–1897
Eliza Ellison 1826–?
Amelia Ellison 1828–1883
Solomon Ellison 1832–?
Richard Ellison 1834–1903
Alfred Ellison 1836–?
Elizabeth Ellison 1838–1839
Henry Ellison 1840–1919
Emma Ellison 1843–1898
Sarah Ellison 1845–?
Ann Ellison 1848–?

Sarah Hemmingway  1827–1914

Henry Ellison 1852–1912
Alfred Ellison 1854–1870
Arthur Ellison 1856–?
Elizabeth Ann Ellison 1858–1933
Mary (Polly) Ellison 1861–1940
William Ellison 1863–1921