52 Ancestors Week 47 - Thomas Edwards

Thomas Edwards was born somewhere near Buckley or Mold, Wales around 1815. In the 1830’s or 40’s, in Wales he married Elizabeth Crofts. It’s possible he was married prior to this, but it’s still unclear. Between 1845 and 1847 he and his family moved to Durham, England where they worked in the coal mines there. They had 9 children. Thomas died between 1891 and 1901 (probably in 1893 in Hartlepool, England).

Parents and Siblings:
Unknown at this time

Elizabeth Crofts 1815-?

John Edwards 1836–?
Thomas Edwards 1838–?
Joseph Edwards 1840–?
Sarah Edwards 1842–?
Ann Edwards 1845–?
Margaret Edwards 1847–?
Edward Edwards 1848–1923
William Edwards 1850–?
Peter Edwards 1853–?

52 Ancestors Week 46 - Sarah Ann Thick

Sarah Ann Thick was born on September 25, 1833 in Hamoon, Dorset, England, to William Thick and Lydia Savory. On April 3, 1858 she married Mark Merryweather in Shaftesbury, Dorset, England and they soon moved to Malmsbury, Wiltshire where Mark was a police sergeant.
Together Sarah and Mark had 9 children before Mark died in 1879. Sarah never remarried. In the 1881 census Sarah is listed as the Hall Keeper at Temperance Hall in Chippenham, Wiltshire. She worked there as a refreshment keeper, along with a couple of her children, until at least 1911.
She died in Chippenham on Mar 8, 1914.

William Thick 1802–1885
Lydia Savory 1805–1865

Lucinda Thick 1830–1905
James Eli Thick 1836–?
Mary Jane Thick 1838–1918
William Thick 1843–?
Emma Thick 1846–?

Mark Merryweather1836–1879

Walter Mark Merryweather 1859–1922
Sarah Kate Merryweather 1861–1869
Frank Hyrum Merryweather 1864–1947
Ernest Alfred Merryweather 1867–1867
Minnie Merryweather 1869–1875
Albert Edwin Merryweather 1871–1947
Eva Kate Merryweather 1873–1952
Annie Minnie Merryweather 1875–1902
Ernest Alfred Merryweather 1878–1879

52 Ancestors Week 45 - Sarah Kemp

Sarah Kemp was born on October 2, 1823, in Bunwell, Norfolk, England. She was the middle child (of 7) of Robert Kemp and Martha Button. She married Richard Dye on September 2, 1846, in Attleborough, Norfolk. Together they had 10 children, all while living in Attleborough. Three of their children died while they still lived in England.
In the fall of 1851 the family joined the LDS Church (Mormon). Then in 1870 they decided to immigrate to Utah. Richard went first to prepare a place for the family, then in 1871 the rest of the family joined him. They sailed from Liverpool on the ship "Nevada" on 18 Oct 1871 with family and arrived in Salt Lake City 11 Nov 1871.
On March 3, 1903 Sarah died in Provo, Utah and was buried in the Provo City Cemetery.

Robert Kemp 1789–1853
Martha Button 1796–1851

Mary Kemp 1815–1898
Daniel Kemp 1819–
William Button (Buten) Kemp 1820–1876
Jemima Kemp 1831–1902
Robert Kemp 1832–
Martha Kemp 1838–

Richard Dye 1823–1905

Sarah Ann Dye 1846–1869
Robert Dye 1848–1866
William Dye 1850–1932
Hyrum Dye 1851–1860
Heber Charles Dye 1853–1880
Edmund Willard Dye 1855–1925
Samuel Dye 1858–1915
John Hyrum Dye 1859–1944
Rebecca Dye 1861–1863
Lovina Clarissa Dye 1865–1922

52 Ancestors Week 44 - Emma Beddoes

Emma Beddoes was born on November 14, 1835 in Shipton, Shropshire, England. She was one of the 7 children of William Beddoes and Emma Ward.

The Beddoes family moved to Bilston for a period of time where Emma married William Boweter in 1865. Before her marriage to William Boweter, she had 2 children. Together they had 4 children. Many of the family then went up to Yorkshire to work in the coal mines. They eventually came back to Bilston before they emigrated to the U.S. 

While they were in Yorkshire Emma's oldest brother went to Leeds and was converted to Mormonism. When he returned to the family, many of them also joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, from about 1868-1871. Emma, William, their 4 children, and one of her older sons came to America in September 1883 on the Ship Nevada. 3 of Emma's brothers and their families also immigrated in 1883. They moved directly to Utah.

Emma's husband, William Boweter survived a mining explosion on 1 May 1900 in the Scofield #4 mine in Scofield, Carbon County, Utah. After William got out of the mine, he recovered from some rather painful burns from the explosion. He eventually in 1911. Emma died 11 May 1915 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She was buried in Springville, Utah, next to her husband.

William Beddoes 1794–1850
Emma Ward 1804–1875

Jeremiah Ward 1827–1921
Richard Beddoes 1830–1874
Susannah Beddoes 1833–1891
William Beddoes
William Beddoes 1838–1920
John "Jack" Beddoes 1841–1896
Edward Lucas Beddoes 1844–1933
Mary Ann Beddoes 1850–

Spouse & 
William Boweter 1841–1911

Job Beddoes 1857–1923
John Edward Beddoes 1860–1958
John Boweter 1861–
Fanny Boweter
Fanny Boweter 1866–1951
Emma Boweter 1868–1948
Sarah Jane Boweter 1874–1954

William Benjamin Boweter 1876–1942