52 Ancestors Week 16 - Flora Hasemeyer

When I saw the 52 Ancestors theme this week at No Story Too Small was "Live Long", I knew exactly who I'd write about. My great grandmother lived to be 102 years old.

Flora Sophia Maggie Hasemeyer was born in Pueblo Colorado March 31, 1889. Her parents, Dietrich Hasemeyer and Magda Schmidt had both immigrated to America from Germany, and met and married in Colorado. She was the oldest of 4 children.

In 1909, at the age of 20 she married Thomas Edwards. The moved to Carbon County Utah where Thomas worked as a coal miner. Together they had 4 children (2 girls, 2 boys). After 22 years of marriage, Thomas was killed in a mining accident. With 4 teenagers to support (well, the youngest child was only 10) she went to work. Her mother also moved in with them. Then, in 1937 Flora's oldest child Elizabeth died in childbirth, and she took in her son-in-law and 3 young grandchildren to help raise them.

In 1943 she got remarried, to a local Mormon named William Monte Pilling. By then her own 3 living children were out of the house, as were William's 5 children. He died just 3 years later.

Flora continued to live in Utah until her death on Aug 27, 1991, at the age of 102 and 5 months. She was buried in the Price City Cemetery, where both her husbands were also buried (but not actually next to either one).

Dietrich Henry Hasemeyer (1859-1925)
Magda Elizabeth Schmidt (1865-1949)

Mabel Wilhemina Etta Hasemeyer (1890-1982)
Clyde Frederick Henry Hasemeyer (1893-1986)
Elmer August Hasemeyer (1894-1979)

Thomas Edwards (1888-1931)
William Monte Pilling (1895-1946)

Elizabeth Maryanne Edwards (1911-1937)
Edward Henry Edwards (1912-2012)
Helen Evaline Edwards (1913-2011)
Wilford George Edwards (1921-2008)

52 Ancestors Week 15 - Emile Piraux

This week's theme is "How do you spell that?" I certainly have ancestors that have interesting recordings of the spelling of their names. One such ancestor is Emile Francois Joseph Piraux.

Emile was born March 24, 1871 in Glimes, Belgium, the 3rd of 7 children born to Henri Joseph Francois Piraux and Marie Chirese Paris.

On August 6, 1898 he married Irma Henri in Chatelineau, Belgium. While in Belgium they had 2 children, one of whom died as a baby. They then immigrated to America in December 1901 on the S.S. Nederland from Antwerp. They made their home in Washington County, Pennsylvania and had 6 more children.

He died  March 9, 1929 in Robinson, Pennsylvania of mitral and aortic insufficiency (heart valve leaking problems).

Most of the misspellings of his name seem to come from the fact that Americans have a hard time spelling French names. In various places he is listed as: Emmil Perow (1910 census), Emil Piroux (1920 census), Amile Piraux (daughter's marriage cert), and I have also seen it spelled Pireaux in a few documents. But, the most consistent spelling seems to be Emile Piraux, so I go with that one.

Henri Joseph Francois Piraux (1841-?)
Marie Chirese Paris (1848-?)

Camille Joseph Piraux (1866-?)
Marcellin Eugene Joseph Piraux (1868-?)
Marie Flore Piraux (1873 – 1873)
Flore Elisa Piraux (1875 – 1877)
Auguste Joseph Piraux (1877-?)
Helene Adeline Joseph Piraux (1880-?)

Irma Henri (1872-1947)

Helene Piraux (1897-1899)
Marcelin Leopold Joseph Piraux (1899-1910)
Josephine Maria Piraux (1901-1953)
Adele Pireaux (1903-1940)
Joseph Pireaux(1905-?)
Louise Pireaux (1907-?)
Amil (Emile) J. Pireaux (1911-1977)
Ector Piraux (1914-?)

52 Ancestors Week 14 - William Mark Merryweather

The theme this week is Favorite Photo. My father has been doing genealogy as long as I can remember, and my grandmother did some as well. I have seen some of my old family photos hanging on the walls of my home for many years. One of my favorites is of the Merryweather family. So, today I'm going to write about William "Bill" Mark Merryweather.

William Merryweather is the boy standing in the back on the left
William Mark Merryweather was born Jan 15, 1891 in Scofield, Utah. His parents were Frank Merryweather and Fanny Boweter, the 4th of 13 children (4 of whom died in infancy). He lived most of his life in Utah, with short periods spent out of state for work. He married Ida Lovina Ellison in March 29, 1916 in Salt Lake City. They made their home in Cedar City, Utah. They had 6 girls, 4 survived into adulthood.
Bill was a plumber, and started the Southern Utah Plumbing and Heating Company with his brother-in-law Warren Cox. An excellent plumber, he worked on plumbing for several national parks, and at the Hoover Dam. He also did work at the St George LDS Temple.
He and Ida became temple workers in St George, and eventually moved there permanently. He died May 9, 1985, 94 years old, in Springville, Utah, and was buried in the Cedar City Cemetery.

with the kids and grandkids

Bill Merryweather

The Merryweather boys with their dad. Front row: Walter and Earl; Back row: Austin, William, Frank A. and Frank H.

Bill and Ida with their daughters

Bill and Ida at their 50th anniversary party

Frank Hyrum Merryweather (1864-1947)
Fanny Boweter (1866-1951)

Sarah Ethel Merryweather (1886-1944)
Emma Minnie Merryweather (1887-1962)
Frank Albert Merryweather (1889-1971)
Eva Kate Merryweather (1892-1941)
Austin Oliver Merryweather (1895-1958)
Oliver Austin Merryweather (1895-1895)
Zilpha Frances Merryweather (1897-1984)
Merryweather (1900-1900)
Raymond Earl Merryweather (1901-1990)
Daughter Merryweather (1903-1903)
Merryweather (1904-1904)
Walter LeRoy Merryweather (1905-1984)

Ida Lovina Ellison (1892-1980)

Atha Merryweather (living)
Eva Merryweather (1919-1919)
Afton Merryweather (living)
Lael Merryweather (1927 – 2012)
Baby Merryweather (1930 – 1930)
Orell Merryweather (living)

52 Ancestors Week 13 - Rosalie Balieu

This week I am writing about Rosalie Dieudonnee Ghislaine Balieu. She was born in Montignies-sur-Sambre, Belgium on September 20, 1874, the second child of  Jean Pierre Balieu and Marie Catherine Daudois (at least I think that's how it's spelled).

In Feb 1897 she married Louis Tavernier. They immigrated to America in 1901, making their home in Pennsylvania. Together they had at least 5 children, 2 of which are known to have survived to adulthood (according to the 1910 census). On August 7, 1910 she died of Puerperal Mania (postpartum psychosis). Presumably she had recently had a child, but I don't know specifics yet. As far as I know the child did not survive. When she died she left behind her husband and 2 young daughters (ages 12 and 6).

Jean Pierre Desire Balieu (1839-?)
Marie Catherine Daudois (?-?)

Gabriel Ghislain Balieu (1873-?)
Victor Balieu (1877-?)
Emile Joseph Gillain Balieu (1882-?)
Marie Ghislaine Balieu (1885-?)

Charles Louis Tavernier(1869-1919)

Renee' Adele Tavernier (1898-?)
Alice Tavernier (1899-1900)
Elizabeth Alice Tavernier (1903-1993)

52 Ancestors week 12 - Charles Louis Tavernier

This week's theme is "Same", so I'm going to write about Charles Louis Tavernier, who has the same name as his father (and we suspect also had a son he named the same thing).

Louis (as he was known by) was born April 22, 1869 in Montignies-sur-Sambre, Belgium. He was the 3rd child of Charles Louis Tavernier and Adelle Leblon. On February 20, 1897 he married Rosalie Dieudonnee Ghislaine Balieu in the nearby city of Charleroi. They made their home in Gilly for a short time. In Belgium they had 2 girls, Renee and Alice, the latter of whom died at 7 months old. The next year they immigrated to America in October 1901 on the ship SS Zeeland from Antwerp.

Once in America they moved to Pennsylvania, a place many Belgians went to live. They had at least one other child, Alice Elizabeth Tavernier
He died on Aug 18, 1919 in Hanover, Pennsylvania of stomach cancer.

Charles Louis Tavernier (1833-?)
Adelle Leblon (1837-?)

Francois Tavernier (1865-1900)
Lambertine Tavernier (1866-?)
Marie Tavernier (1872-1892)

Rosalie Dieudonnee Ghislaine Balieu (1874-1910)

Renee' Adele Tavernier (1898-?)
Alice Tavernier (1899-1900)
Elizabeth Alice Tavernier (1903-1993)