52 Ancestors Week 15 - Emile Piraux

This week's theme is "How do you spell that?" I certainly have ancestors that have interesting recordings of the spelling of their names. One such ancestor is Emile Francois Joseph Piraux.

Emile was born March 24, 1871 in Glimes, Belgium, the 3rd of 7 children born to Henri Joseph Francois Piraux and Marie Chirese Paris.

On August 6, 1898 he married Irma Henri in Chatelineau, Belgium. While in Belgium they had 2 children, one of whom died as a baby. They then immigrated to America in December 1901 on the S.S. Nederland from Antwerp. They made their home in Washington County, Pennsylvania and had 6 more children.

He died  March 9, 1929 in Robinson, Pennsylvania of mitral and aortic insufficiency (heart valve leaking problems).

Most of the misspellings of his name seem to come from the fact that Americans have a hard time spelling French names. In various places he is listed as: Emmil Perow (1910 census), Emil Piroux (1920 census), Amile Piraux (daughter's marriage cert), and I have also seen it spelled Pireaux in a few documents. But, the most consistent spelling seems to be Emile Piraux, so I go with that one.

Henri Joseph Francois Piraux (1841-?)
Marie Chirese Paris (1848-?)

Camille Joseph Piraux (1866-?)
Marcellin Eugene Joseph Piraux (1868-?)
Marie Flore Piraux (1873 – 1873)
Flore Elisa Piraux (1875 – 1877)
Auguste Joseph Piraux (1877-?)
Helene Adeline Joseph Piraux (1880-?)

Irma Henri (1872-1947)

Helene Piraux (1897-1899)
Marcelin Leopold Joseph Piraux (1899-1910)
Josephine Maria Piraux (1901-1953)
Adele Pireaux (1903-1940)
Joseph Pireaux(1905-?)
Louise Pireaux (1907-?)
Amil (Emile) J. Pireaux (1911-1977)
Ector Piraux (1914-?)