52 Ancestors week 12 - Charles Louis Tavernier

This week's theme is "Same", so I'm going to write about Charles Louis Tavernier, who has the same name as his father (and we suspect also had a son he named the same thing).

Louis (as he was known by) was born April 22, 1869 in Montignies-sur-Sambre, Belgium. He was the 3rd child of Charles Louis Tavernier and Adelle Leblon. On February 20, 1897 he married Rosalie Dieudonnee Ghislaine Balieu in the nearby city of Charleroi. They made their home in Gilly for a short time. In Belgium they had 2 girls, Renee and Alice, the latter of whom died at 7 months old. The next year they immigrated to America in October 1901 on the ship SS Zeeland from Antwerp.

Once in America they moved to Pennsylvania, a place many Belgians went to live. They had at least one other child, Alice Elizabeth Tavernier
He died on Aug 18, 1919 in Hanover, Pennsylvania of stomach cancer.

Charles Louis Tavernier (1833-?)
Adelle Leblon (1837-?)

Francois Tavernier (1865-1900)
Lambertine Tavernier (1866-?)
Marie Tavernier (1872-1892)

Rosalie Dieudonnee Ghislaine Balieu (1874-1910)

Renee' Adele Tavernier (1898-?)
Alice Tavernier (1899-1900)
Elizabeth Alice Tavernier (1903-1993)