52 Ancestors wk 8 - Thomas Edwards

This week I'm going to write about my great grandfather Thomas Edwards. He was born May 21, 1888 in Chase Nebraska. His parents immigrated from England in 1875. They lived in Nebraska for about 20 years. By 1909 they were living in Colorado. Thomas married Flora Hasemeyer on June 30, 1909 in Florence, Colorado. By 1917 they had moved to Carbon County, Utah, working in the coal mines.

On March 21, 1931, at 42 years old, he was killed in a mining accident, leaving behind his wife and 4 children.

Edward Edwards (1848-1923)
Mary Ann Gregory (1855-1926)

John Edwards (1877-1953)
Eddie Edwards (1879-?)
William Edwards (1882-1909)
Henry Edwards (1886-1912)
Robert Edwards (1894-1961)

Flora Sophia Maggie Hasemeyer (1889-1991)

Elizabeth Maryanne Edwards (1911-1937)
Edward Henry Edwards (1912-2012)
Helen Evaline Edwards (1913-2011)
Wilford George Edwards (1921-2008)