Merryweather Family Photo

I'm working on more scrapbook pages. Here is the Frank and Fanny Merryweather family. I have been able to identify all the people in it. But, there are some pictures in the background that I haven't. I was told that the family specifically took their photo here to have those pictures in it, because it is grandparents. Unfortunately I don't yet know which grandparents they are.
The people in the photo are:
Raymond Earl Merryweather (1901-1990)
Austin Oliver Merryweather (1895-1958)
Walter Leroy Merryweather (1905-1984)
Zilpha Frances Merryweather (1897-1984)  --I think my mom looks a lot like her
Fanny Boweter (1866-1951)
Frank Hyrum Merryweather (1864-1947)
Emma Minnie Merryweather (1887-1962)
Sarah Ethel Merryweather (1886-1944)
Eva Kate Merryweather (1892-1941)
William Mark Merryweather (1891-1985)
Frank Albert Merryweather (1889-1971)
The family also had 4 infant losses/still births, in 1895 (twin brother to Austin Oliver, lived less than a month), 1900 (a girl), 1903 (a girl), and 1904 (partial miscarriage during Walter Leroy pregnancy perhaps?).