George DeLong - Revolutionary War Ancestor

I am working on my DAR application, and have decided to use George DeLong as my ancestor to apply with. The following is my evidence to support my claim that he is my ancestor (click on the pictures to view them larger). My 1st-3rd generations are still living, so I will start with my great-grandfather Raymond Earl Turner.
Generation 4
Raymond Earl Turner was born 18 Mar 1898 in Somerset, Belmont Co, OH. He died 27 Jan 1979 in Washington, Washington Co, PA. on 19 Nov 1924 in Weirton, Hancock Co, WV he married Elizabeth Alice Tavernier. She was born 31 Aug 1903 in McDonald, Washington Co, PA, and died 24 Jun 1993 in San Bernardino, San Bernardino Co, CA (I met her a few times and hers was the first funeral I remember attending).
Generation 5
Raymond Earl Turner was the son of Joseph Francis Turner and Sarah L Carpenter. Joseph Francis Turner was born 15 Sep 1876 in Temperenceville, Belmont Co, OH, and died 26 Apr 1920 in Somerset, Belmont Co, OH. Sarah Carpenter was born 30 Aep 1869 in Beaver Twp, Noble Co, OH, and died 15 Feb 1958, Barnesville, Belmont Co, OH. They were married 26 Feb 1895 in Temperenceville, Belmont Co, OH.
Generation 6
Joseph Francis Turner is the son of John Francis Turner and Catherine Louise Butler. John Francis Turner was born 13 Jul 1853 in Batesville, Noble Co, OH, and died 2 Jul 1912 in Fallansbee, Brooke co, WV. Catherine Butler was born 3 Jun 1857 in Temperenceville, Belmont Co, OH, and died 20 Oct 1939 in Columbus, Franklin Co, OH. They were married 18 Feb 1874 in Temperenceville, Belmont Co, OH.
Generation 7
John Francis Turner was the son of Elizabeth DeLong and John E Turner. Elizabeth DeLong was born 26 May 1834 in Batesville, Noble Co, OH and died 3 Nov 1894 in Noble Co, OH. John Turner was born 4 Nov 1827 in Pennsylvania and died 9 Oct 1900 in Ohio. They were married 20 Jun 1849 in Monroe Co, Ohio.  I don't have birth or death records for Elizabeth, but her maiden name is listed on some of her childrens death certificates. I got a free digital copy of a page from the Reconstructed Marriage records of Monroe County from the LDS Family History Library that contains the record of John and Elizabeth's marriage.
Generation 8
Elizabeth DeLong is the daughter of John Francis DeLong Jr and Elizabeth Jones (his 1st wife). Dr John Francis DeLong Jr was born 27 Apr 1802 in Baltimore, MD, and died 7 Sep 1873 in Beaver Twp, Noble Co, OH. Elizabeth Jones was born 6 Sep 1807 in Ohio and died 27 Mar 1844 in Noble Co, OH. They were married 20 Aug 1826 in Guernsey Co, OH.
Dr John Francis DeLong, Jr
photo by Nate Kearns, found on
The inscription of Elizabeth's grave is said to read "Elizabeth Delong, consort of John Delong, who departed this life March 27, 1844, aged 37 years."

Generation 9
John Francis DeLong Jr is the son of John Francis DeLong Sr and Sarah Winteringer. John DeLong Sr was born 24 Apr 1770 in Fannett Twp, Cumberland Co, PA, and died 14 Apr 1840 in Batesville, Noble Co, OH. Sarah Winterringer was born about 1776 in Pennsylvania and died 4 Apr 1849 in Batesville, Noble Co, OH. They were married about 1792 in Pennsylvania.

The will of John Francis DeLong Sr reads as follows:

In the name of God, Amen, I, John DeLong of Beaver Township, Guernsey County, State of Ohio, being weak of body, but sound of mind and memory, blessed be God for his mercies. bearing in mind, that it is appointed unto all men once to die and the time being uncertain. I therefore do make, ordain, establish and declare, this my last will and testament.

Principally and first of all, I command my soul to God, who gave it, and my body to be buried in a decent and Christian manner, at the discretion of my executors. And after paying my lawful debts and defraying my funeral expenses I will and dispose of any worldly effects as follows. Viz: I will and bequeath unto my beloved wife Sarah DeLong, East half of the North East quarter in Section nine, in Township eight, of Range _____ seven, together with the West half of the North East quarter of Section three, in Township and Range aforesaid, to have and to hold, occupy and continue and enjoy during her Natural life and at her demise, to be sold and equally divided among any children now living.

Viz: John DeLong, William DeLong, Nathan DeLong, Thomas DeLong, Elizabeth, wife of David Cline, Effy, wife of William Windal, Mary, wife of Christopher Gallagher, Ann, wife of George Morgan and Nancy, wife of Jared Jones. Likewise I will and bequeth to my beloved wife aforesaid, such of my personal property as she may wish to keep, for her own proper use and the balance to be sold and assets to be disposed as my Executors may think proper.

I likewise will and bequeth unto my beloved Grand-children - - John Carpenter and Sarah, widow of William Arich deceased, each the sum of one dollar. I likewise will and bequeth unto my beloved grand-children, William DeLong, Jane DeLong, Sarah DeLong, Avarilla DeLong, Delilah DeLong, children of my son George DeLong deceased, each the sum of one dollar. And I do hereby ordain and appoint my beloved wife Sarah DeLong, Executrix and my beloved son Thomas DeLong Executor of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking and making void and to all intents and purposes of no effect, all gifts, grants, wills and bequests by me heretofore made. In testimony, whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal, this Thirteenth day of March, in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and forty.

John DeLong. [ Signed ]

Signed and acknowledged in presence of us, year and day above written.
Isaac Atkinson.
Thos. Owings.
Recorded at Court House, Cambridge, Guernsey Co., OH
Will Record Book A, page 491
Date of Will, March 30, 1840. Date of Probate, May 12, 1840

Generation 10
John Francis DeLong Sr is the son of George DeLong and Elizabeth Jane Ward. George was born about 1745 in Pennsylvania and died about 1820 in Guernsey Co, OH. Elizabeth Jane Ward was born about 1748 in Pennsylvania, and died 27 Aug 1818 Guernsey Co, OH. They were married about 1769 in Cumberland Co, PA.

After his death, Georges land was quit claimed by his children in its sale.
A Guernsey County deed of June 3, 1822 refers to the sale of certain property of lands whereby various children of George Delong sold these lands, to satisfy Military Services, to Ezekiel Emerson in connection with George DeLong, Sr.'s estate. The children were listed as follows:
- John and Sarah of Guernsey Co. (signed Guernsey Co. Jan. 11, 1824)
- James and wife Agnes of Guernsey Co. (signed Guernsey Co. 12/21/1822, her name recorded erroneously as Elizabeth. A statement of correction by Agnes was appended Nov. 1825 by Stephen Bullard, JP of Perry Co.)
- Joseph and wife Elizabeth of Perry Co. (signed Perry Co. 12/21/1822)
- Isaac and wife Agnes of Perry Co.
- David and wife Jane of Perry Co. (signed Perry Co. 12/21/1822)
- Edward and wife Rachel of Perry Co.
- Ann Leeth of Fairfield Co. (signed Fairfield Co. 12/27/1823)
- George and wife Mary of Floyd Co., KY (of KY, power of attorney, Perry Co., OH 11/29/1824)
- Mary Davidson and husband Fleming Davidson, Ohio Co. VA (signed Ohio Co. 10/30/1822)
- Elizabeth and David Hite of ___. They were included in the Dec. 1821 quit claim which preceded the 1822 deed, and that they signed in Perry Co., OH 11/17/1823.

George DeLong was enrolled as a Private, eighth class, first company (Captain Askey), first battalion, Cumberland County Militia, under order from council dated Mar 25, 1778. Paid supply tax 1781 and 1782.
PA Hist & Museum Commission Records of the Office of the Comptroller Gen. Military Acounts Militia, RG4, Roll#325
Fine Book of John Carothers, County Lieutenant, page 192. Authority: Military Accounts (militia), Records of the Comptroller General, at the Division of Archives and Manuscripts.
Supply Rates of the County of Cumberland 1780, pg 293
Transcripts and Taxables of the County of Cumberland, 1781, pg 518
See also DAR #576889

George and Elizabeth DeLong had 10 children
John Francis DeLong born 24 Apr 1770 in Ohio, married to Sarah Winteringer
James DeLong born abt 1772 in Pennsylvania, married to Agnes Simpson
Mary DeLong born abt 1774 in PA, married to Flemming Davidson
George DeLong born about 1776 in PA, married to Mary Auxier
Isaac DeLong born 22 Dec 1779 in PA, married to Agnes Bower
Joseph DeLong born abt 1781 in PA, married to Ann Elizabeth Miller
David DeLong born 14 Mar 1786 in PA, married to Jane Law
Ann DeLong born abt 1788 in PA, married to Samuel Leith
Edward DeLong born 18 Sep 1790 in PA, married to Rachel Baker
Elizabeth DeLong born 13 Apr 1794 in PA, married to David Hite (Hight)
In the DAR database George DeLong is ancestor number A031562.
And thus concludes all the info I have for my DAR application. Hopefully it will be enough.