52 Ancestors Week 44 - Emma Beddoes

Emma Beddoes was born on November 14, 1835 in Shipton, Shropshire, England. She was one of the 7 children of William Beddoes and Emma Ward.

The Beddoes family moved to Bilston for a period of time where Emma married William Boweter in 1865. Before her marriage to William Boweter, she had 2 children. Together they had 4 children. Many of the family then went up to Yorkshire to work in the coal mines. They eventually came back to Bilston before they emigrated to the U.S. 

While they were in Yorkshire Emma's oldest brother went to Leeds and was converted to Mormonism. When he returned to the family, many of them also joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, from about 1868-1871. Emma, William, their 4 children, and one of her older sons came to America in September 1883 on the Ship Nevada. 3 of Emma's brothers and their families also immigrated in 1883. They moved directly to Utah.

Emma's husband, William Boweter survived a mining explosion on 1 May 1900 in the Scofield #4 mine in Scofield, Carbon County, Utah. After William got out of the mine, he recovered from some rather painful burns from the explosion. He eventually in 1911. Emma died 11 May 1915 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She was buried in Springville, Utah, next to her husband.

William Beddoes 1794–1850
Emma Ward 1804–1875

Jeremiah Ward 1827–1921
Richard Beddoes 1830–1874
Susannah Beddoes 1833–1891
William Beddoes
William Beddoes 1838–1920
John "Jack" Beddoes 1841–1896
Edward Lucas Beddoes 1844–1933
Mary Ann Beddoes 1850–

Spouse & 
William Boweter 1841–1911

Job Beddoes 1857–1923
John Edward Beddoes 1860–1958
John Boweter 1861–
Fanny Boweter
Fanny Boweter 1866–1951
Emma Boweter 1868–1948
Sarah Jane Boweter 1874–1954

William Benjamin Boweter 1876–1942