52 Ancestors Week 45 - Sarah Kemp

Sarah Kemp was born on October 2, 1823, in Bunwell, Norfolk, England. She was the middle child (of 7) of Robert Kemp and Martha Button. She married Richard Dye on September 2, 1846, in Attleborough, Norfolk. Together they had 10 children, all while living in Attleborough. Three of their children died while they still lived in England.
In the fall of 1851 the family joined the LDS Church (Mormon). Then in 1870 they decided to immigrate to Utah. Richard went first to prepare a place for the family, then in 1871 the rest of the family joined him. They sailed from Liverpool on the ship "Nevada" on 18 Oct 1871 with family and arrived in Salt Lake City 11 Nov 1871.
On March 3, 1903 Sarah died in Provo, Utah and was buried in the Provo City Cemetery.

Robert Kemp 1789–1853
Martha Button 1796–1851

Mary Kemp 1815–1898
Daniel Kemp 1819–
William Button (Buten) Kemp 1820–1876
Jemima Kemp 1831–1902
Robert Kemp 1832–
Martha Kemp 1838–

Richard Dye 1823–1905

Sarah Ann Dye 1846–1869
Robert Dye 1848–1866
William Dye 1850–1932
Hyrum Dye 1851–1860
Heber Charles Dye 1853–1880
Edmund Willard Dye 1855–1925
Samuel Dye 1858–1915
John Hyrum Dye 1859–1944
Rebecca Dye 1861–1863
Lovina Clarissa Dye 1865–1922