52 Ancestors Week 38 - Maria Josepha Pairoux

This weeks theme over at No Story Too Small is "Favorite Places". While it was intimidating at first, one of my favorite places to research is now Belgium. I have gotten the hang of navigating the records in online collections (and there are many). I can even read some basic words and info in Dutch and French now.
One of my Belgian ancestors is Maria Josepha Pairoux. Maria was born in Testelt, Brabant, Belgium on April 5, 1829 to Nicolas Joseph Pairoux and Maria Christina Peeters, the second of 7 children. She gave birth to her first child in 1853 in Zichem, Belgium (a nearby town). No father is listed on the birth certificate.
In Dec 1855 she married Josephus Heiremans in Zichem. Together they had 4 other children, while living in Langdorp, Belgium.

Nicolas Josephus Pairoux 1801–?
Maria Christina Peeters 1799–?

Petrus Josephus Pairoux 1828–1907
Joannes Baptista Pairoux 1831–?
Francisca Pairoux 1834–?
Ignatius Pairoux 1836–?
Joannes Franciscus Pairoux 1838–?
Lambertus Pairoux 1839–?

Josephus Heiremans 1827–?

Nicolaus Josephus Pairoux 1853–?
Maria Francisca Heiremans 1858–1934
Wirina Heiremans 1860–?
Maria Cheresia Heiremans 1864–?
Francois Heiremans 1870– ?