52 Ancestors Week 34 - William Boweter

William Boweter is the oldest of 4 children born to Fanny Boweter and Benjamin Rowley. He was born May 10, 1841 in Oldbury, Shropshire (now Worcestershire) England. His family soon moved to Bliston, Staffordshire, where he met and married Emma Beddoes. They were married January 15, 1865 at the Independent Chapel on Oxford Street in Bliston, Staffordshire. She had 2 young sons Job and John.

Together William and Emma had 4 children. He was a miner and they moved between Stafforshire and Yorkshire to work in the coal mines. While in Yorkshire, one of Emma's brothers converted to the Mormon religion, and soon after so did William and Emma.

They decided to immigrate to Utah. He traveled ahead of his family on October 21,1882 on the ship Abyssinia and arrived in New York November 3, 1882. The rest of the family soon followed.

William Boweter survived a mining explosion on 1 May 1900 in the Scofield #4 mine in Scofield, Carbon County, Utah. After William got out of the mine, he recovered from some rather painful burns from the explosion.

Eventually the he and Emma moved to Springville, Utah. He died in Springville on June 4, 1911 of pneumonia.

Benjamin Rowley 1815–1848
Fanny Boweter 1819–1887

Benjamin Rowley (Boweter) 1843–?
Sarah Ann Bowater 1846–1883
George Rowley (Boweter) 1849–?

Emma Beddoes 1835–1915

Job Beddoes 1857–1923 (adopted)
John Edward Beddoes 1860–1958 (adopted)
John Boweter 1861–?
Fanny Boweter 1866–1951
Emma Boweter 1868–1948
Sarah Jane Boweter 1874–1954
William Benjamin Boweter 1876–1942