52 Ancestors Week 32- Pieter Francis DeValkeneer

So far in this 52 Ancestors challenge I have completed a profile on all of my great-grandparents, and my great-great-grandparents. Now I have moved on to my 3x great-grandparents. Each person has 32 of these, and it's week 32, so that's the theme.

One of my 3x great-grandparents is Pieter Francis DeValkeneer. Until 2 years ago we didn't know who this was. We had information about his son Cyrille, but not who his father was. Then someone on one of the many helpful genealogy sites mentioned that the Belgian Archives had a website, and while it has much of the same digital images as Family Search, they are broken down into more manageable chunks to look through, and they have a few more of them. So, I looked through these images and found lots of information on my Belgian roots, including who my 3x great-grandparents were on that side of the family.

Pieter Francis DeValkeneer was born on April 18, 1815, in Sint-Martens-Lierde, Belgium. He was the son of Catharina Van Den Bossche and Judocus DeValkeneer. Just over a year after his birth, Pieter's father died, and his mother died when he was 14.

On July 5, 1848, in Sint-Maria-Lierde, Belgium, Pieter married Joanna Catherina Casteleyn. Because Pieter was an orphan, both sets of his grandparents were named in his marriage record (score!).

Together Pieter and Catherina had 4 children, of which Cyrille (my 2x great-grandfather) was the youngest.

I don't yet know when he died, but I'm still looking.

Judocus DeValkeneer 1782–1816
Catharina Van Den Bossche 1787–1829

Joanna Catherina Casteleyn 1817–?

Anna Theresia DeValkeneer 1849–1869
Vitalis DeValkeneer 1851–?
Renilde DeValkeneer 1853–?
Cyrille DeValkeneer 1856–1941