52 Ancestors Week 31- Mark Merryweather

This weeks theme is "Easy". So I chose one of the ancestors that has been researched by several people before me. When your family is Mormon, chances are there is at least one genealogist in the bunch, and they have done some of the work for you, making it easy to find.

Mark Merryweather was born on October 24, 1836, in Newton, England to Martha Gray and George "Mathew" Merryweather. He was child number 7 out of 8 born in that family.

Mark Merryweather married Sarah Ann Thick on April 3, 1858, in Newton, England. They had 9 children.

According to the book of remembrance of Gayle Preston Wood, Mark was a detective for the Scotland Yard; I have not found evidence to support or refute this claim.

Mark Merryweather died on April 14, 1879, in Wiltshire, England, when he was 42 years old.

George "Mathew" Merryweather 1795–1868
Martha Gray 1797–1876

Daniel Merryweather 1820–1843
Hester (Esther) Merryweather 1821–?
Lot Merryweather 1824–1905
Anna Merryweather 1825–1828
Luke Merryweather 1830–1909
George Merryweather 1834–?
Martha Merryweather 1837–?

Sarah Ann Thick 1833–1894

Walter Mark Merryweather1859–1922
Sarah Kate Merryweather 1861–1869
Frank Hyrum Merryweather 1864–1947
Ernest Alfred Merryweather 1867–1867
Minnie Merryweather 1869–1875
Albert Edwin Merryweather 1871–1947
Eva Kate Merryweather 1873–1952
Annie Minnie Merryweather 1875–1902
Ernest Alfred Merryweather 1878–1879