52 Ancestors Week 24- Frank Merryweather

Frank Hyrum Merryweather was born on April 30, 1864, in Newton, England to Sarah Ann Thick and Mark Merryweather. He was the second of nine children. His father died when he was 14. While in England he became a Mormon. He immigrated to America in July 1880 on the ship Wisconsin, coming into New York from Liverpool, along with many other Mormons.

On 10 September 1884 Frank became a US Citizen, while living in Utah. Frank married Fanny Boweter on August 10, 1885, in Winter Quarters, Utah. Together Frank and Fanny had 13 children, 4 of whom died in infancy. He spent much of his adult life as a farmer and butcher.

Frank Hyrum Merryweather died on December 3, 1947, in Cedar City, Utah, when he was 83 years old.

Mark Merryweather 1836–1879
Sarah Ann Thick 1833–1894

Walter Mark Merryweather 1859–1922
Sarah Kate Merryweather1861–1869
Ernest Alfred Merryweather1867–1867
Minnie Merryweather1869–1875
Albert Edwin Merryweather1871–1947
Eva Kate Merryweather1873–1952
Annie Minnie Merryweather1875–1902
Ernest Alfred Merryweather1878–1879

Fanny Boweter 1866–1951

Sarah Ethel Merryweather 1886–1944
Emma Minnie Merryweather 1887–1962
Frank Albert Merryweather 1889–1971
William Mark Merryweather 1891–1985
Eva Kate Merryweather 1892–1941
Oliver Austin Merryweather 1895–1895
Austin Oliver Merryweather 1895–1958
Zilpha Frances Merryweather 1897–1984
Baby Merryweather  1900–1900
Raymond Earl Merryweather  1901–1990
Daughter Merryweather  1903–1903
Baby Merryweather  1904–1904
Walter LeRoy Merryweather 1905–1984