52 Ancestors Week 27 - John Francis Turner

John Francis Turner was born on July 13, 1853, in Batesville, Ohio. He was the 2nd of 12 children born to John E Turner and Elizabeth DeLong. According to census records he worked on his family's farm until he got married.

John Francis Turner married Catherine Louise Butler on February 18, 1874, in Belmont, Ohio. John and Catherine had 10 children. They lived in Ohio for a long time farming, then becoming a teamster. by 1910 they moved to Brooke County West Virginia and he went back to farming.

He died in Follansbee, WV on July 2, 1912.

John E. Turner (1827–1900)
Elizabeth DeLong (1834–1894)

Charles T. Turner (1851–1908)
Lydia C Turner (1855–1892)
Mary L. Turner (1856–1888)
William H. Turner (1858–1887)
Alcinda Turner (1860–1940)
Johannah Theresa Turner (1862–1878)
Elisabeth Jean Turner (1864–1892)
Emma (Peggy) Turner (1866–1933)
Owen Turner (1869–1888)
Lewis Allen Turner (1870–1921)
Matilda Turner (1872–1879)

Catherine Louise Butler (1857–1939)

Henry Sylvester Turner (1874–1929)
Joseph Francis Turner (1876–1920)
Elanor Turner (1880–1894)
Anna Turner (1882–1930)
Clara Turner (1885–1942)
Lawrence A Turner (1889–1966)
George G. Turner (1892–1936)
Estella Marie Turner (1894–1935)
Grace Elizabeth Turner (1896–1923)
Fredrick Francis Turner (1898–1952)