52 Ancestors Week 21- Irma Henri

Irma Henri was born on July 6, 1872, in Ch√Ętelineau, Belgium to Adele Dumont and Jean Baptiste Henri. She had at least 1 older sister, Maria Celina Henri.
Irma and Emile Piraux had a daughter, Helene, on November 14, 1897, in Charleroi, Belgium. Irma married Emile Francois Joseph Piraux on August 6, 1898, in Ch√Ętelineau, Belgium, when she was 26 years old. Helene passed away on January 28, 1899.
They had 2 more children while living in Belgium: Marcelin Leopold Joseph Piraux and Josephine Maria Piraux. Then in Dec 1901 they all immigrated to America on the SS Nederland from Antwerp to Philadelphia.
They moved around Washington and Allegheny counties in Pennsylvania for several years, having 5 more children. The youngest, Ector, is only recorded on the naturalization papers for Emile (and family), so we assume he died in infancy.
In 1929 Emile died. Irma died on July 4, 1947, in Smith, Pennsylvania, when she was 74 years old, of a Cerebral Hemorrhage. 

Jean Baptiste Henri 1840–
Adele Dumont

Maria Celina Henri 1868–?

Emile Francois Joseph Piraux 1871–1929

Helene Piraux 1897–1899
Marcelin Leopold Joseph Piraux 1899–1910
Josephine Maria Piraux 1901–1953
Adele Pireaux 1903–1940
Joseph Pireaux 1905–?
Louise Pireaux 1907–?
Amil (Emile) J. Pireaux 1911–1977
Ector Piraux  1914–?