52 Ancestors Week 22- Dietrich Hasemeyer

Dietrich Henry Hasemeyer was born on March 4, 1859, in Germany to Sophia and William Fredrick Hasemeyer. He had one brother names William.
According to census records the Hasemeyer family immigrated around 1879 from Germany to America. Dietrich married Magda Sophia Elizabeth Schmidt on January 2, 1889, in Pueblo, Colorado.
In the following 5 years they had 4 children, 2 girls and then 2 boys. He lived in Colorado most of his adult life and worked as a carpenter. He was sometimes known as Kietrich Hasemeyer.
5 months before his death he moved to Utah to be closer to his children, who were coal miners. He died of a sudden heart attack on November 2, 1925, in Price, Utah, when he was 66 years old.

William Fredrick Hasemeyer 1833–1890
Sophia 1837–1900

William Hasemeyer

Magda Sophia Elizabeth Schmidt 1865–1949

Flora Sophia Maggie Hasemeyer 1889–1991
Mabel Wilhemina Etta Hasemeyer 1890–1982
Clyde Frederick Henry Hasemeyer 1893–1986
Elmer August Hasemeyer 1894–1979