52 Ancestors Week 25- William Ellison

William Ellison was born on August 30, 1863, in Nottingham, England to Sarah Hemmingway and John Ellison Jr. His mother became a Mormon, but his father never joined the church. His father was killed in a boat accident in England. After his father's death William was baptized a Mormon. His mother eventually remarried once in America.

On 2 September 1872 William, his mother and 3 of his sisters left England and moved to Utah. William married Lovina Clarissa Dye 17 January 1884 in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City.

William worked for Provo Woolen Mills, but work was slow, so he went out of town to Salt Lake to work at Deseret Woolen Mills. Lovina had their first child, Sarah, October 24th 1884, William was able to visit for a few days before having to go back to work. Between work at the Deseret Woolen Mills, Provo Woolen Mills and working on the Dye farm, they were able to move out on their own. They rented one room for 2 dollars a month from Sidney Bailey. While at the Bailey's house they had their second child, John.

In March 1887 they rented a house and 2 lots for 3 dollars a month, and could make improvements to the property for part of the rent. They grew a lot of their own food, as well as having a cow, a pig and some chickens. By the end of 1887 they had their third child, Clarissa. In January 1888 they bought a house for 300 dollars, fully paying it off in January 1889.

They stayed in the Provo area the rest of their lives. They had 10 more children, the last two being born after they started having grandkids. Their 7th child, Richard Heber, died of croup at 5 years old, but all the others survived to adulthood.

William Ellison died on March 12, 1921, in Provo, Utah, when he was 57 years old.

John Ellison 1830–1868
Sarah Hemmingway 1827–1914

Henry Ellison 1852–1912
Alfred Ellison 1854–1870
Arthur Ellison 1856–?
Elizabeth Ann Ellison 1858–1933
Mary (Polly) Ellison 1861–1940
Sarah Ellison1865–1924

Lovina Clarissa Dye 1865–1922

Sarah Ellison 1884–1964
John William Ellison 1885–1968
Clarissa Ellison 1887–1967
Grace Ellison 1889–1956
Alfred Ray Ellison 1890–1969
Ida Lovina Ellison 1892–1980
Richard Heber Ellison 1895–1900
Elizabeth Ellison 1897–1969
Arthur Albert Ellison 1899–1931
Orena Ellison 1901–1987
Kate Ellison 1903–1990
Ralph Edmund Ellison 1907–1982