52 Ancestors Week 29 - Isaac Carpenter

Isaac Carpenter was born on May 15, 1826 in Beaver, Guernsey County, Ohio. Isaac was the son of Richard Carpenter and Mary Carpenter (cousins).
Isaac Carpenter married Sarah A. "Sally" Brown on July 14, 1853, in Noble County, Ohio. Together they had 7 children. In the middle of those children there is a 3 year age gap right in the middle of the Civil War. There are 3 Isaac Carpenters found in the war records from Ohio, one of them could be him.
Isaac Carpenter died on February 21, 1905, in Ohio City, Ohio, when he was 78 years old.

Richard Carpenter (1800–1863)
Mary Carpenter (1800–1831)

Zephaniah Carpenter (1823–1901)
Hannah C. Carpenter (1824–1893)
Richard C. (R. C. C.) Carpenter (1827–1918)

Sarah A. "Sally" Brown (1835–1907)

Mary Jane Carpenter (1854–1913)
John Francis Carpenter (1855–1894)
William Silas Carpenter (1857–1921)
Nancy Samantha (Amanda) Carpenter (1860–1917)
Isaac Vincent Carpenter (1862–1951)
Lavina J. Carpenter (1865–?)
Sarah Lufama Carpenter (1868–1958)