Genealogy Social Networking Day 28 - The NextGen Genealogy Network

The NextGen Genealogy Network is specifically designed to help network younger genealogists. They are trying to bring together all generations of genealogists, while helping the next generation feel included and find their place.

As a younger genealogist myself, I am often surrounded by people of my parents or even grandparents generation. I totally see the need for finding more inclusive ways of bringing younger people into the community. That's where NextGen comes in.

Young genealogists sometimes have a hard time finding their voice in an older community, but with the explosion of internet resources for genealogy it is easier to get them involved. NextGen targets genealogists in their 20's, 30's, and 40's, though they welcome anyone who wants to join. They arrange meetups at genealogy conferences so you can meet other young genealogists in person. They have occasional Twitter chats and Google+ Hangouts to further the conversation online.

If you are a 'next generation' genealogist, are you part of the NextGen Network?