Genealogy Social Networking Day 29 - Yahoo! Groups

Yahoo! has a forum-type section of their site called Yahoo Groups. There are groups for just about everything. They were popular before Facebook became such a huge thing, but some of the groups are still going strong. There are lots of different genealogy groups.

You can find general groups like "Ancestor Hunters", geography specific ones like "Pennsylvania Genealogy, topic specific like "DNA-Newbie" for genetic genealogy, or surname ones like "Burton Genealogy". There is a search engine on the site that lets you narrow down what kinds of groups you want to look for (or posts within a group).

Some groups are small but very active, others are large but quieter. Once you join a group you can look through all the previous posts, photos, files, or links to find further information. While they may not be as popular as some Facebook groups, they are still a wealth of information, and if you find an active group you can have more personal communication and genealogy help. Definitely worth checking out.