Genealogy Social Networking Day 4 - Twitter

Twitter is a great place to connect with other genealogists. It probably won't directly give you information on your family history, but it can help you keep up with what's going on the genealogy world, connect with others during genealogy events, let you share bits of your research, and let you socialize with other like-minded individuals.

Using hashtags (#) you can tag your posts so others can connect to the same topics. You can join in #genchat every other Friday evening to discuss different pre-chosen genealogy topics (hosted by Jen Baldwin). You can search for #genealogy on twitter to find related tweets. You can even follow people who give daily genealogy tips.

Many genealogy sites and bloggers use twitter to connect in real-time. You can use twitter to share quotes from a conference or lecture you are attending, get updates from software makers and websites on new features, learn about the latest genealogy news, and even just chat while watching "Who Do You Think You Are?".

If you are interested in a particular topic or location, you can set up a twilert, which will alert you to relevant tweets.

You can create lists of users on Twitter. This can help you separate various groups of people you may follow. You can create your own list of genealogists, or follow existing lists.when you click on the list, you will get a feed of tweets just from this list of people. It's great to divide up your feed like this sometimes, when you just want to focus on genealogy for example.

Do you use Twitter to connect with other genealogists?