Genealogy Social Networking Day 11 - HistoryPin

Ever wish you could see old photos from the places your ancestor lived? Or, have you seen photos and wondered where exactly they were taken, and what it looks like now? That's where HistoryPin comes in.

The whole aim of HistoryPin is to bring people together and share history. It is a London based company, with lots of photos of the UK already on there. They have expanded around the globe though, and the more users, the better it will get. They don't just have individual people posting photos, they have libraries, archives and museums posting as well.

They take a Goggle map, and pin photos to it. They even have some location photos overlayed right into a Google Street View photo. Some of the photos are historical, some are current photos of landmarks and historical plaques and monuments.

When you click on a photo it gives you a few options. First, is the basic information about the photo, where it is from, who posted it, and tags. You can click on the tags and find related photos.
The next tab on the photo page is 'Comments and Suggestions'. Here you can post your own comment, put additional information about the photo if you have any, ask questions, anything you want.

Then comes 'repeats'. It's modern photo replicas of historic photos. These can be taken with the HistoryPin app. If you know where a photo was taken, you can go there and take a modern photo of the same place. It's kind of neat to see how things have changed over the years. And the last tab has copyright information.

You'll also notice that there are social media links on each photo. You can share the photo in multiple ways with the push of a button. How convenient.

Definitely check this out today!