Genealogy Social Networking Day 15 - Famberry

Looking for a way to share your family history and work on a family tree with members of your own family? That's what Famberry is there for. You can sign up for a free account, make a family tree, and invite others in your family to join you. The trees are secure and private, so you can add in names and dates of living people without the whole world seeing it. You can share family photos and stories as well.

It has a traditional family tree structure, allowing you to go forward or back in generations. It also has a way to create a timeline for your family as you add in dates. You can create calendars, which is a great way to remember each others birthdays and anniversaries.

You have 1 terabyte of space for storing photos and messages.  It's an interesting way to connect with living relatives, as well as add information about ancestors.

They do have a way of searching for your ancestors on other trees, to allow you to connect with more distant relatives. You can keep your information secure from them if you want, or build a new relationship with them and invite them in.

The main goal is to help maintain and build family relationships. Wouldn't doing family history be a great way to do that? Check out Famberry if you are interested.