Genealogy Social Networking Day 14 - WhatWasThere

WhatWasThere is another photo/map pinning site. On this site there are basically just two tags for a photo, the location and the date taken. While the focus seems to be historic photos, there are current photos as well (since some day even they will be historic). The goal is to "weave together a photographic history of the world" Some of the photos can be overlayed onto Google street view.

The site isn't as focused on the social aspect however, so you can't directly connect to others who have posted. You can see their username, and the copyright information, and what the source of the photo was (usually a personal collection). The site does have a Facebook page and a Twitter account that they post things to often. So, you can follow them and connect to people that way.

Have you posted any photos to WhatWasThere?