Genealogy Social Networking Day 30 - LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional networking site. It focuses on business connections. It can be great for genealogists as well. There are genealogy groups on LinkedIn, and many genealogists have profiles there. If you are in one of these groups, or connected to other genealogists, you can easily find people with expertise in areas you need help in. Likewise, if you have an expertise in some area, others can find you or recommend you to people needing help.
With the business focus, you can have more specific conversations without wading through memes and other nonsense (Facebook, I'm looking at you). You can connect with professional genealogists, or hobbyists, but you are sure to find people with the same passion for genealogy that you have. It isn't as social as other sites, but is still a good place to find other genealogists.

Do you connect with genealogists on LinkedIn?