Genealogy Social Networking Day 23 - Family Tree DNA

If you do genealogy chances are you have probably heard of using DNA to find information about your family history. Family Tree DNA is one of the big companies that provides DNA testing for genealogy. They provide Y-DNA, mt-DNA, and Autosomal DNA testing.

After you get your results you can find others who have matching DNA. There are DNA projects you can join, many are surname or location based. They also have forums to connect with others. In the forums you can get all sorts of questions answered, and learn how to use your DNA results to help trace or confirm your genealogy.

23 and Me also does DNA testing, but doesn't have the supporting community the same way Family Tree DNA does. Ancestry DNA provides limited testing, but is supported by genealogy community and family trees. Ancestry DNA can be transferred to Family Tree DNA for a small fee, so you can use the one basic test to get the benefit of both sites.

Have you tested your DNA for genealogy purposes?