Family History Month Day 4: Social Media

With todays technology it can be easier than ever to find distant relatives. Social media and family history websites can connect us to family we didn't even know existed.
I was researching a family line on night and came across a name that looked promising on a family history website. I sent a message to the person who posted the name, and ended up finding a distant cousin. She really helped me open up that side of the family and pointed me in the direction of a new source for documents.
On Facebook an aunt of mine started a private group for our family history. We have shared photos and stories and information on our shared genealogy. And my husband has also made some great contacts within his family to learn more about where he comes from.
Also on Facebook there are tons of genealogy groups that you can join. Not just particular family groups, but locations as well. Many genealogical societies have pages and the members are very helpful. So, if you have a location from your ancestors you want to get more information from, this is a great place to look. Members often have access to, and are willing to look up information from, local histories and documents. This is great when the info isn't online elsewhere and you can't afford a trip across the country, or world.
So, I encourage you to check out social media sites, and connect with people on family history sites as well. You may just find the person with all the information you have been looking for.