Family History Month Day 26: Share the Workload

There is almost always at least one genealogist in a family. Luckily for many there is more than one in a family. This can really help with the work. If you have a cousin, sibling, parent, or other family member who also does genealogy work you can share your research, split up the workload, and help each other out.

You can split up the family lines and each research part of it, so you aren't duplicating the work. Then you meet back together, share your information, and collaborate on how to proceed.

Often, when you talk with someone about what you are researching, and your brickwalls, they can help you figure out what to research next. This can be just you figuring things out as you try to explain them, or they can give suggestions.

If you are lucky enough to have someone else in your family that shares the same family history hobby, take advantage of it and work together.