Family History Month Day 12: Family Recipes

What family gathering doesn't involve food?

One fun way to get more of the family involved in family history is to involve food. Gather family recipes and make a book. Sometimes you have a recipe that has been in the family so long you don't know where is came from, other times you just have a family favorite from Betty Crocker or something.

In my family, Christmas is the biggest holiday. A few years ago I made a Christmas cookie recipe book for my mom, sister-in-law and me. So that we would have all our family favorites in one place. Of course, it didn't hurt that we had to make each recipe to take a photo (because who doesn't love baking cookies?).

We have family recipes for everything from 'nuts and bolts' (it's like chex mix) to home made ice cream to stuffing for a turkey. There are also older recipes like bread pudding from England. And now that I have a husband, his family recipes can be included for our kids.

There are lots of ways to store recipes: on cards, in binders, or in a photo book (my personal favorite option). So, go find some family recipes, cook something up, and save them for future generations.