Family History Month Day 30: Publishing Genealogy Online

Going along with yesterdays post, this one is about making a family history website or blog. Once again I will direct you to Cyndi's List for more information about how to make a genealogy website.

I personally chose to do a blog instead of a static website, because I like to have a place to write my thoughts and current research. But, you don't necessarily have to choose, you can have a website with an attached blog.

A website can be something as simple as a family tree or pedigree chart. It can have family group sheets. You can publish photographs, biographies, and stories about your ancestors. You can put digital files of sources, links to other pages, and have everything cross referenced within your site to see how people are related. As with most things on the internet, it can be changed and updated as needed. This is encouraged, because you will want to keep your information current with your recent findings. It's nice that you can start small and keep adding as you find more information and more ancestors.

If you don't want to make a full website, you can start a blog to track your research or record your family history. they can function much the same as a website, with internal links, pages for different ancestors, updated information, and easy sharing. A blog is also easier to promote, since you are updating content more often, can share specific posts, and stay current with genealogy news. There is a great list of genealogy blogs called Geneabloggers, and you can find other bloggers to connect with and have your own blog listed.