Family History Month Day 3: Personal History

Today I think I'll share one of my favorite sites for family history. You aren't going to guess it. It's not FamilySearch, or Ancestry or any of those types of sites. It's the This Is Me Challenge blog.
It's one of my favorites because it's about recording my own personal history and things all about me.
While it's great that we find out about our ancestors, we should also take some time and find out about ourselves. And then record it for future generations.
I know some people think that their lives aren't interesting enough for anyone to want to read about. But, if you found a personal journal of one of your great-grandparents, wouldn't you just love it? Even if it was filled with the boring everyday things they thought no one would care to know about. So you might not be writing this for your own kids, but some day you could have great-grandkids that would love to know more about you.
This particular blog is great for me because I don't feel like I have to sit down and write a chronological rendering of my life so far. It breaks things up into small 'challenges' and gives more insight than a timeline of events would.
There are challenges like "what numbers best represent you", "how has technology changed since you were a kid", "what are your greatest fears/phobias", and "what is the story behind your name". These would all make great scrapbook pages, because we all know a picture is worth a thousand words.
Along with this site, there is an LDS version, and a 'for kids' section about recording your kids' lives.
So, maybe this month while you are thinking about family history, you can take some time to record a little of your own history.