Turner Family Tree

This is a family tree for my paternal grandfather Louis Turner. His father, Raymond Earl Turner, was born in Somerset, Ohio. His family has been in America for generations. It is through his line that I have revolutionary war soldiers. His mother, Elizabeth Alice Tavernier, was born in Pennsylvania, 2 years after her parents immigrated from Belgium.
The other names on the tree are:
Joseph Francis Turner (1876-1920)
Sarah L Carpenter (1869-1958)
Charles Louis Tavernier (1869-1919)
Rosalie Dieudonne Balieu (1874-1910)
John Francis Turner (1853-1912)
Catherine Louise Butler (1857-1939)
Isaac Carpenter (1826-1905)
Sarah A Brown (1835-1907)
Charles Louis Tavernier (1833-?)
Adelle Joseph Leblon (1837-?)
Jean Pierre Desire Balieu (1839-?)
Marie Catherine Daudois (?-?)