23 August 2014

Merryweather Family Tree

This is the family tree for my maternal grandmother Afton Merryweather. Both her parents, William Mark Merryweather and Ida Lovina Ellison, were the children of Mormon immigrants from England, and were born in Utah.
Other names on this tree:
Frank Merryweather (1864-1947)
Fanny Boweter (1866-1951)
William Ellison (1863-1921)
Lovina Clarissa Dye (1865-1922)
Mark Merryweather (1836-1879)
Sarah Ann Thick (1833-1914)
William Boweter (1841-1911)
Emma Beddoes (1835-1915)
John Ellison Jr (1830-1868)
Sarah Hemingway (1827-1914)
Richard Dye (1822-1905)
Sarah Kemp (1823-1903)