DeValkeneer Family Tree

Here is a digital scrapbook page I did of my grandmother's family tree. Her name was Alma Celestine DeValkeneer. Her parents were Belgian. Her dad, Vital DeValkeneer, immigrated to America with his family in 1912, when he was just 12 years old. Her mom, Adele Pireaux, was born in Pennsylvania less than 2 years after her parents immigrated in 1901. All the others on this tree are from Belgium.
Other names on the tree:
Cyrille DeValkeneer (1854-1941)
Maria Francisca Heiremans (1858-1934) aka Frances Hermans
Emile Piraux (1869-1929)
Irma Henri (1870-1947)
Pieter Frances De Valkeneer (1815-?)
Joanna Catharina Casteleyn (1817-?)
Josephus Heiremans (1827-?)
Maria Josepha Piraux (1829-?)
Henri Joseph Francois Piraux (1841-?)
Marie Chirese Paris (1848-?)
Jean Baptiste Henri (1840-?)
Adele Dumont (?-?)