Did Joseph Carpenter Serve in the Revolutionary War

In researching Revolutionary War ancestors I have found 3 people who seem to have served. Two of them I know served, it's a matter of proving my relationship to them. The other I can fairly easily prove my relationship, but am having a harder time figuring out his service. This person is Joseph Carpenter.
According to his gravestone (as recorded in the 1920's) he died in 1849 and was 78 years old. This puts his birthday around 1771. Too young to have served in the revolution. But, as we know, ages and dates tend to be more fluid back then than they are today.
In "A Carpenter Genealogy" by Lyle Sharp and Frances Stoner, it says Joseph Carpenter was the child of John Carpenter (Zimmerman) and Drucilla Tomlinson. 3 of his siblings were Thomas, John, and Robert. He was married to Sinah Gilespie and had 14 children. He died in 1849 in Beaver Township, Noble county, Ohio.
In the book "Official Roster of the Soldiers of the American Revolution buried in the state of Ohio" on page 69:
"Joseph Carpenter (Noble Co.). Va Mil. Said to have had 3 terms of service. D 1849, Beaver Twp. Came to Belmont Co in 1806; to Noble Co 1812 and settled in Beaver Twp, where he died in 1849."
 In the book "History of Noble County, Ohio", 1887, page 576:
"The first settlement in the {Beaver} township was made by the Reed family, elsewhere mentioned, and by Thomas, John, and Joseph Carpenter and John Tyrrell as early as 1810. The Carpenters came from Virginia. They reared families and died in the township. In early years they were noted hunters.

Page 581: Joseph Carpenter, the pioneer, was a native of Virginia, and for two years served in the Revolutionary War. He lived near Moundsville, and he and his family encountered many dangers from hostile Indians. He came to Belmont County, Ohio, about 1806, and a few years later removed to this township {Beaver}, where he died in 1849."

In the book "Family Research in Monroe County, Ohio" by Catharine Fedorchak, page 29:
"Watkins' HISTORY OF NOBLE COUNTY indicates that a Joseph Carpenter, a Rev. Soldier died in 1848. That source also says that a Joseph Carpenter, of Noble Co. was a soldier in the War of 1812. I have no such records to prove these statements in my books, but a Mrs. Stoner did send me a copy of a voucher for a JOSEPH CARPENTER of Virginia in the Rev. War who received a certificate of the balance of his full pay in April, 1783."

In the book "Revolutionary War Records, Virginia" page 200:
Carpenter, Joseph, soldier, Art.

In the book "Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution":
Carpenter, Joseph  Art. nbll
nbll means: name appeared on Army Register, but had not received bounty land.

So, even if we assume he served in the last 2 years of the war (1782-3), and was 15 when he joined (the youngest he would conceivably be), a birth year of 1771 is still at least 4 years too late.

One other possibility is that he was born in 1762, the year commonly attributed to his brother John. There is conflicting evidence as to the birth order for John and Joseph. If Joseph was the oldest, and born in 1762, he would have been old enough to serve in the Revolution, but certainly wouldn't have been 78 at the time he died in 1849, he would have been 87.

So the mystery continues. But, I'm inclined to think he did serve, since it is mentioned in several books, and his name is found in the Virginia army registers. And who knows, maybe the stone carver for his grave just got the numbers reversed.