Edwards Family Tree

Here is the family tree for my paternal grandfather Wilford George Edwards. His family were miners in Utah. His father, Thomas Edwards, was the son of English immigrants, and was born in Nebraska. His mother, Flora Sophia Maggie Hasemeyer, was the daughter of German immigrants, and was born in Colorado.
Other names on this tree:
Edward Edwards (1848-1923)
Mary Ann Gregory (or McGregory) (1855-1926)
Dietrick (possibly Kietrick) Henry Hasemeyer (1859-1925)
Magda (or Martha) Sophia Elizabeth Schmidt (1865-1949)
Thomas Edwards
Robert Gregory (or McGregory)
William Hasemeyer (1833-1890)
Sophia {Hasemeyer} (1837-1900)
Fritz Schmidt (1839-1919)
Martha Trimer/Treimar (1838-1910)