Research Goals - Genealogy Do-over week 2

I have very specific research goals this year. I am doing a project of my mother's genealogy, to match the one I did for my father. I did research, gathered sources, and made a photobook. For much of his family I had to translate everything from Dutch and French (the languages of the records from Belgium), so in the scrap/photo book I included the original scanned document, and a translation. I put maps, family trees, and what few personal photographs we had in as well.

This year I am making one for my mom. Surprisingly, I have even less information on her family. Her mom's family came from England as Mormon immigrants, and have several genealogist Mormon descendants who have done work. Unfortunately not all of it is documented online. Not that it isn't documented at all, it's just not sourced online. But still it shouldn't be too hard to contact some of my older relatives that live in Utah to get copies of some of those sources and research. We also have lots of family photos from the previous couple of generations.

On the other side of her family, my paternal grandfather, there is much less information. Half the family is from England, and the other from Germany. To my knowledge little research has been done for them except what my grandma did years ago. I have easy access to that, but there isn't much there.

This brings me back around to research goals. For last years photobook project I created a simple spreadsheet for some of the basic information I might look for. I didn't find all the information, but I did find enough to put the book together. So, I am using my spreadsheet again this year for my moms family. This gives me a quick visual of the information I have and what I need.

Click the photo for a downloadable PDF form
Click here for a blank Excel Spreadsheet file

From here I can make specific plans on how and where to search for the missing information. I have this both on my computer, and as a printout, so it's easy to take it with me.

I have finished my photobook project and posted a follow-up HERE!