52 Ancestors Week 48 - Mary Ann Alderson

Mary Ann Alderson was born  around 1831 in Oldbrough, Yorkshire,  England. Her parents were John and Ann Alderson.
On May 5, 1850 she married Robert Gregoryin  Stanwick St John, Yorkshire. According to the 1851 census he was an Ag. Laborer. They soon had a child named Mary Ann.
Right after having her they up and moved to Durham County (a couple miles away really) to work
in the coal mines. They lived in Newfield for a while, having more kids. Eventually Robert started working at the Castle Eden Colliery, and moved his family into housing there. They had at least 8 children together.

John Alderson 1799–?
Ann Alderson 1801–?

Stephen Alderson 1829–?
Helen (Ellen) Alderson 1835–?

Robert Gregory 1823–1897

Mary Ann Gregory 1852–1926
Jane Gregory 1857–1930
Robert Gregory 1860–?
William Gregory 1862–1900
Isabella Gregory 1864–?
Margaret Ellen Gregory 1865–?
Elizabeth Gregory 1868–1901
John S. Gregory 1874–1951