Sometimes we have setbacks in life. My recent one came at the end of October in the form of a computer crash. My laptop hard drive crashed and I cannot access any of the files on it. We have tried everything, and it is now in the hands of my brother (an IT specialist).
Along with all my photos and projects that were on my computer I also had my genealogy. Much of my genealogy was also stored in dropbox (so I can share with my relatives), but I didn't back up my full database to dropbox since March. I did have some smaller gedcom files from July and August. And I had uploaded recent files onto Ancestry and MyHeritage.
So, I am in the process of downloading those, and figuring out what I have and don't have, and need to re-enter. I did have some research notes, but they are in an excel file...on the defunct hard drive. Lesson learned.

Here is my PSA: Back up your files! Onto a second hard drive, a thumb drive, the cloud...just get a second copy of anything you actually want to keep.