52 Ancestors Week 13 - Rosalie Balieu

This week I am writing about Rosalie Dieudonnee Ghislaine Balieu. She was born in Montignies-sur-Sambre, Belgium on September 20, 1874, the second child of  Jean Pierre Balieu and Marie Catherine Daudois (at least I think that's how it's spelled).

In Feb 1897 she married Louis Tavernier. They immigrated to America in 1901, making their home in Pennsylvania. Together they had at least 5 children, 2 of which are known to have survived to adulthood (according to the 1910 census). On August 7, 1910 she died of Puerperal Mania (postpartum psychosis). Presumably she had recently had a child, but I don't know specifics yet. As far as I know the child did not survive. When she died she left behind her husband and 2 young daughters (ages 12 and 6).

Jean Pierre Desire Balieu (1839-?)
Marie Catherine Daudois (?-?)

Gabriel Ghislain Balieu (1873-?)
Victor Balieu (1877-?)
Emile Joseph Gillain Balieu (1882-?)
Marie Ghislaine Balieu (1885-?)

Charles Louis Tavernier(1869-1919)

Renee' Adele Tavernier (1898-?)
Alice Tavernier (1899-1900)
Elizabeth Alice Tavernier (1903-1993)

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